Welcome to our café classroom!

Different from the rest, we first designed an experiential program for young adults to thrive. Imagine Studio Cafe was conceived as a valuable creative space to implement and host an amazing group of courageous, talented people.

Together we have the talent to thrive, the courage to grow and the belief that, of course, WE CAN!

We at Imagine Studio Café are a non-profit business cafe providing inclusive employment to young adults who may otherwise face barriers due to mental health, addiction, and homelessness. Our mandate is to provide employment and training opportunities, life and social skills training, coaching, and self-development programs for those who need a little more encouragement.

Our experiential program is a 6-month long internship program that provides young adults facing issues of addiction, homelessness and mental health with valuable work experience and individualized case management. Imagine U supports our team as they train and work through all areas of the business; serving, barista, food prep, baking, cooking, marketing, customer centered service, and business management, as well as mental health, addiction, home and food security, educational requirements.

We are in progress with our classroom training and pleased to share that our Winter/Spring program is in progress ! Connect with us through email only: ImagineStudioCafe@gmail.com, to know more about Spring/Summer program and how you can join us.